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Dr. Robin Buckley

Dr. Tom Grebouski

Dr. Robin Buckley Dr. Tom Grebouski

Functioning as an executive coach for the past 10 years, Dr. Robin Buckley's background focuses on identifying individuals' strengths for professional and personal planning. In addition, Robin's work within organizations includes conducting workshops to facilitate research and data-driven decision making, group productivity and effectiveness, and strengthen leadership abilities. Her experience working as a doctoral faculty member and dissertation mentor enables Robin to help "all-but-dissertation" doctoral students find the balance and direction to complete their dissertations, and ultimately accomplish their educational goals.

Having worked as a school psychologist for over 12 years, with training in both school and clinical psychology, Dr. Tom Grebouski specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy, including conducting assessments to offer valuable information regarding cognitive, academic and behavioral functioning. Tom also works with parents and educational staffs to empower them in their work with developmentally disabled students.


Dr. Timothy Delicath

Quintin Sukop

Dr. Timothy Delicath Quintin Sukop

Functioning as an executive and business process analyst for the past 15 years, Dr. Timothy Delicath's background focuses on research and data analysis in identifying patterns and trends for continuous improvement and strategic planning. In addition, Tim's work within organizations includes conducting seminars and workshops to facilitate process improvement and data-driven decision making, assessment and evaluation, and strategic leadership. His experience working as a doctoral faculty member and dissertation mentor enables Tim to help doctoral students focus on a researchable topic and create and direction to complete their dissertations, and ultimately accomplish their educational goals.

As a consultant within Insights Training Group, Quintin’s 25 years of experience in business and information technology provides clients with field-specific information on how to enhance their professional environments.  Whether in tandem with executive coaching services, or focusing his expertise in the areas of operations management, information technology, sales and customer service, Quintin works with clients to facilitate business strategies and staff functioning.  Through on-site assessments and interviews, Quintin helps businesses determine their unique strengths and challenges in order to develop strategic plans for development and change.


Kristin McClung, Ed.S.

Laura Obert

Kristin McClung, Ed.S. Laura Obert

Kristin completed her Ed.S. from Auburn University in 2010.  She focuses on the success of K-12 students by facilitating interactions among students, parents, teachers and school organizations.  Kristin's training and experience in assessment and evaluation, and Response to Intervention programs, enables her to apply quantitative measures to effectively determine areas of challenges and strengths for the individuals and groups involved in student achievement and success.  Whether working one-on-one with students, or facilitating group discussions and training, Kristin's desire to help her clients is evidenced in her work.

Laura completed her M.A. in Psychology from Auburn University, and will complete her PhD in counseling psychology in 2012.  Laura's focus on health psychology, and her work with athletes throughout the lifespan (high school through adulthood), allows individuals to determine the best approaches to achieve their psychological and physical health goals.  Through counseling and assessments, Laura helps clients identify the interrelationship between these two areas of functioning to achieve optimal results.  In addition, her work in the areas of LGBT issues, particularly related to relationship satisfaction and family/societal support, encourages successful personal and professional satisfaction with this specific population.


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